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Macaron Madness

25 Sep

Never one to dismiss a foodie band waggon before at least giving it a try, a little while ago I had a go at making macarons . Intricate little beasties and when I made them set to replace cup cakes as the trendy cake of choice.

This ladies heared and gents is the result of my first attempt and given the stories I had  about how difficult they are too make I was really impressed. Not very refined I grant you but still very yummy.

That said I’m not sure I’ll be making them again in a hurry as they are quite a faff. This is a pretty good recipe and I missed out things, like most of the first stage and aging the egg whites over night and they still worked for me. I also just filled them with nutella because after the mixing and tense cooking process I couldn’t be bothered making my own. There are lots of exciting colour and flavour combinations out there and maybe I’ll have another go at some point.

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