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Seasonal Supper

28 Sep

After what has felt like ages of preparation, and a little bit stress about whether people would come, would people get it, would there be enough food and a hundred other scenarios the first Seasonal Supper was a success. People came, we ate, swapped recipes had a good time and people seemed keen on running something similar at different times of year with different produce.

There were 13 of us in the end (re-branded as a lucky number for the evening) not a huge number but for a first run it as a good number, not too few but not more than I could cope with and make sure everyone was interacting and enjoying themselves.

As expected courgettes featured pretty heavily with everyone apart from us having a bumper year. The Man made these mini pies with a cheese, potato and herb filling.

I made a tarte tatin with our apples, the only thing which has had a really good year this year, for which I can’t really take credit! My other favourites included some gorgeous onion bhajis which arrived warm and this tomato, olive, caper and feta dish which I made sure I took a copy of the recipe for.

I’m really glad I took the plunge with the Seasonal Supper, now that I’ve got one under my belt I’ll be having a think about how else and where else it might work and all the seasonal recipes people could be sharing. Hopefully it’s onwards and upward, watch this space.

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