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The kids are alright!

13 Dec

Last weekend me and The Man were involved in the first good for nothing a day which saw three amazing causes and a whole host of creative people come together matching skills with needs and seeing how much we could together in 24 hours. The cause we decided to work on was Global Generation an organisation dedicated to giving young people opportunities and helping them play a part in creating a sustainable future. Based in and around Kings Cross they have developed roof gardens with companies based in the area and have a campsite in Wiltshire which gives the young people they work with a chance to spend time on an organic farm in a very rural area, a sharp contrast to the area they live in.

The day started with a visit to their skip garden, in the middle of the Kings Cross station building site.

I was so impressed by the work they do there, all the skips can be moved and run on  a crop rotation system, the team also have an arrangement with the canteen at the Guardian so the young volunteers or “generators” can hone their business skills and confidence selling produce to the chef.

It was very cold, and there was still snow on the ground but there was still an impressive variety of crops growing, more than on our allotment! Urban agriculture is something I’m really interested in and it was great to see the innovative use of space and diversity of things being grown.

We were given a tour of the site by one of the generators and then headed back to base to get working on the briefs for each project. The Man and I worked with some of the young people on their Facebook and twitter presence so they could communicate more easily and quickly with a wider group of people; whether that is young people uploading photos from their phones or letting people know about open event’s at Global Generation’s sites. Hopefully it will be sustainable, easy to manage and take their work to a wider audience.

The day was very busy on and my head was spinning by the end of it, but it was brilliant to be part of something which made a real difference in a short space of time as well as helping a cause I feel passionately about and the young people were a joy to work with. You can find out more about  Global Generation at their website and now you can follow them on twitter have a look, they really are rather wonderful!

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