Seasonal Supper

Every year we have too much of one thing or another from the allotment, and struggle to find new ways of using them up; courgettes for example.

The Man and I have developed an extensive repertoire but could still do with some more inspiration. I guessed that other allotment holders must have the same issue. So I thought, what if there was a way to share recipes and ideas with other allotment holders? There are 9 allotment sites across Windsor, surely some of those people must have some corking recipes for using up gluts of vegetables up their sleeves?

Well on the 24th of September we are going to find out!

After much debating and faffing around on my part and with the kind help and support of the Allotment Association the Seasonal Supper will be born! The supper will be a celebration of allotment produce as well as the opportunity to share ideas on how to use what you grow. A pot luck supper with food made from allotment produce with each person contributing something; it could be a main course, desert, cake, bread or preserve. Perhaps my nettle pesto will make an appearance;

maybe by September we will have squashes that look like this again,

Or another glut of raspberries…

The supper will be free to attend, but places will be booked in advance to keep an eye on numbers and make sure we have a balance of food. Guests are asked to bring along a dish and the recipe and be prepared to share! It might not form a coherent meal but it should be a fun and sociable evening with a bar and quiz.

It is the first time I have run something like this, I’ve no idea if people will be up for it but I really hope they will embrace the idea and come along. What ever happens and however it goes I will chronicle it here and to twitter through @SeasonalSupper. It is the biggest test so far for my theory that a shared food experience is a great way of bringing people together to help foster community spirit and all kinds of other good things. Hopefully it is also the first step on a road to who knows where, but we shall see.

Fingers crossed!

If your interested in coming along drop me a line, have a look round the site for some inspiration or get your thinking cap on!

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