January on the allotment

22 Jan

January is the month I usually start to tidy up the allotment after the ravages of winter, I spent this afternoon spring cleaning the shed, digging over the vegetable beds, rescuing our very over grown strawberries and generally taking stock. I got a bit carried away and did more work than one person probably should so I’m typing this while nursing a medicinal G&T.

Sundays on the allotment also come with the ammusing accompaniment of local league football being played just over the fence; today it seemed very important that man called Gary should “keep his head up”. I’m not sure what that meant and from all the shouting going on neither did Gary!

Although the winter so far has been much milder than the last one, it has been very windy and there has been one major casualty on the allotment, the greenhouse. Here it is…

Doesn’t it look sad! The Man and I found it with the cover completely ripped off by the winds a few weeks ago and all we could do at the time was pick up the plastic cover which luckily hadn’t gone too far and stuff it in the shed. For reference here is the view in January 2011.

The Man thinks it’s fixable, but I’m not sure where to start.  I’m impressed it has held together for the three years we’ve had it, we snapped part of it on the day we put it up, it had to be majorly re enforced last year, and the other allotment holders around us looked pretty sceptical when they saw it. We shall see, I hope there is life in the old girl.

On a brighter note the rhubarb is starting to come through.

The first thing we planted and still coming back for more.

Despite the hard graft which always accompanies the first proper session on the allotment in the New Year it’s nice to return to something cyclical, look back at where things were last year and what might be this year. One thing is for sure Cabbages are now added to the list of things I won’t bother with again (soon there will only be weeds on this list), but something has been eating them despite all my attempts at protecting them so I’m giving in if I can’t eat them then nothing else is going to!


2 Responses to “January on the allotment”

  1. HedgeComber January 26, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    When I first read your greenhouse had gone, I thought it was a glass one! I hope you can give it another year or two out of it. Our rhubarb are coming up too, we only planted them last year so I’m itching to make crumble ;o)

    • thehungrysparrow January 27, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

      No luckily it wasn’t glass. Fingers crossed, boyfriend is a bit of a Mr Fix it and is fairly confident we can bodge something. Love growing rhubarb ours was split from the rhubarb my parents garden so it has sentimental value too, bit worried about it if it gets very cold but fingers crossed will be ok.

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