The Hungry Sparrow goes to New York

1 Jan

The blog has been quite quiet in December partly because I’ve been very busy,  partly due to poor planning if I’m honest, and because The Man and I have been on holiday to New York. I don’t want to waffle on about it, apart from to say it was amazing, if slightly disconcerting to be in a city you have seen so often in films, on TV in books etc. However, it’s fair to say food featured pretty heavily in what we did so here is a quick canter through some of the highlights.

Lox Special on a pumpernickel bagel in Brooklyn; salmon, cream cheese, red onion and capers.

Fresh and tasty vegan sandwiches from Peace Food Cafe , spiky service though perhaps they were having a bad day.

Chippotle turkey at the trendy and packed  Westville East

A Kasha (buckwheat) Knish,  substantial Eastern European Jewish food designed to keep out the cold of a harsh winter. We also ate them from Yonah Schimmel Knishes, tasty pastry cannon balls; it’s a good job we did a lot of walking to burn them off.

Tacos from Brookly Taco Company, hot sauce mandatory!

Green mango chips with chili sugar salt at Fatty Crab, wow!

Moreish but lethal cocktails from Temple Bar, The Man and I got very merry on these.

So those are the highlights, a nod should also go to this fab food tour  of the Lower East Side that the Man found online which filled a damp afternoon with interesting sights, smells and tastes! We also managed to have brunch at Shopsins somewhere I’ve wanted to go since The Man bought me this book. I loved it and it was every thing I sort of hoped it would be, but there are no photos as we followed “the rules”. Some people hate it and I can see why that might be, a read of the Google Reviews sums up the two schools very well. For what it’s worth I loved the food and they were borderline friendly to us!

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