Urban foraging, finding a feast in East London.

8 Oct

Whilst it’s been a quiet few weeks on the home cooking front, we’ve been out and about on food related adventures. The first one was a fab urban foraging trip in East London organised by a new social enterprise  The Amazings. The Amazings help people who are about to retire or have retired create  experiences with the skills, knowledge and passion they’ve picked up throughout their life. You get to learn something new and they get some money for sharing their skill, a pretty nifty deal. Off we went one Sunday morning to the east end oasis of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to meet Terry, our Amazing for the day.

After a cup of wild tea, yarrow for me;

we were off, following Terry and his assistant into the park to pick our lunch.

The Man and I have been on a foraging course before but it was really interesting to forage in a different environment and one we are more likely to find near to us.

We tasted as we went, and collected leaves for later and I was amazed at the number of things we could eat that I didn’t know about. We also had the chance to test our mettle by picking and eating raw nettles. I didn’t trust myself enough to pick the leaf and roll it without getting stung but I did eat one and can report that I didn’t get stung, and it was tasty too.

After our picking session we headed back to the education centre to cook the results of our foraging.

Comfrey fritters, very tasty but being deep-fried helps. I always enjoy communal cooking but when it looks as pretty as this salad it’s even better!

We also made a really interesting stew with mallow leaves and went away with a jar of jam made with Guelder Rose berries (only edible when cooked) which I can report is delicious! We had a great time, it’s a really interesting way to spend an afternoon sharing someone elses knowledge and enthusiasm. Terry was a really engaging teacher and we cooked up some interesting and tasty food, the realisation also dawned that perhaps we should give up growing vegetables because most of our weeds are edible too! As a taster of urban foraging it was a great introduction and worth traveling into London for and would be a great way of exploring your local area and seeing it in a different light. The Amazings have another foraging events line up and some other awesome opportunities lined up and I’d certainly recommend this one.

2 Responses to “Urban foraging, finding a feast in East London.”

  1. dittander February 14, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Hello, thanks for the info, sounds like a good day. I liked the recipe for dandelion flowers, I hadn’t thought about cooking them before. I have just started a blog about foraging in London and will be running walks in various locations as well:


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