the great south bank food crawl part 1

14 Aug

Also know as the day The Man and I made piglets of ourselves for a whole day, but we did walk a lot so I’m sure we burned off the calories; well that’s what I’m telling myself any way!

In honour of The Man’s birthday we went on a walking and eating (mostly eating) tour or London’s South Bank, it was a great day out filled with wonderful food and a chance to track down some of the food, producers and places to eat I have been hearing about on other blogs and on twitter but can’t get to often as we don’t live or work in London

We started the day at Maltby Street in Bermondsey and the surrounding area.  Based around a set of railway arches, on Saturday morning producers, retailers and wholesalers throw open their doors to the public. There has been a lot written about Maltby Street and it’s relationship with Borough Market and some of the traders were understandably a little camera-shy but still very welcoming.

Stop 1 Doughnuts. The first thing we wanted to try were custard doughnuts from the St John Bakery, they seem to have gathered almost cult status among food bloggers in London.

They didn’t disappoint, categorically the best filled doughnut I have ever eaten; soft fluffy dough that still managed to hold its shape and structure. The custard, oh the custard! Vanilla flecked and incredibly light, each doughnut contains an improbable amount of it too, ready to escape over the hands, face and even hair of the eater; it’s a messy process. We practically inhaled ours and they were so good we went back later for seconds!

Stop 2 Staffordshire Oatcakes. Just down the road from those doughnuts we found an arch selling freshly made Staffordshire Oatcakes filled with cheese and onion. This appealed to my northern side, but The Man (very much from the south) thought they were delicious too and the stall holder was happy to share the basic recipe which was an added bonus.

Stop 3 La Grotta Ices. Next up award winning ice-cream from La Grotta, a cute set up selling ice-cream from the back of a tiny Italian van. Don’t let the cuteness fool you, these are serious ices. I haven’t eaten strawberry ice-cream for years as I hate the often synthetic taste but my Strawberry and Orange blossom cone was anything but, it actually tasted of strawberries, a whole bucket of them with a subtle orange blossom perfume. The Man’s Barbados custard got a big thumbs up too, plenty of rum in there!

Stop 4 Time for a beer! All that eating was proving thirsty work so we grabbed a bottle of IPA from The Kernel Brewery who were selling beer out of the arches they brew in with a couple of tables outside.

At 6.7% it isn’t a brew to be sniffed at, a golden colour with a bit of fruity sweetness with enough bitterness at the end to balance that it provided much-needed refreshment and a bit of tipsyness.

Stop 5 More Cheese! After a little walk, about 6 minutes we arrived at Kappacasein for one of the best cheese toasties I’ve every eaten (and I’ve eaten quite a few).

Polaine Sourdough, feisty montgomery cheddar and a mix of onion, leek and garlic. Toasted on a flat press type grill, it was crisped to perfection and the cheese melted but not mouth scaldingly hot or too runny. I wouldn’t even try to reproduce this at home, it’s a special occasion toasite only, but if you are in the area GO! While we were there we also managed to squeeze in an visit to The Ice Cream Union who had just moved in a few arches down. Dulce de leche ice-cream and mango sorbet were tip-top, but all the pictures have my mush in them and a large plastic ice-cream growing out of my head so I’ve ruled out posting them!

Ok that’s the first part of the food crawl; part two is coming soon, but to be honest I think this first bit could keep less greedy people happy for a long time without the need to eat your way back to Waterloo.

One Response to “the great south bank food crawl part 1”

  1. bakingteacher August 15, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Oooh that sounds an amazing day! I am definitely noting down these recommendations!

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