nettle risotto with stilton and crispy bacon

21 Jun

We are still eating our way through the frozen nettle pesto and to be honest it is becoming a challenge to reinvent it to keep it interesting. Stilton and bacon are a pretty winning combination, although not an especially healthy one, this meal would be perfect as a mid-week treat after a bad day at work.

I make up a basic risotto with 1.25l of stock and 200g risotto rice and then throw in two cubes of the pesto when the rice is nearly cooked. The main thing here is getting the bacon nice and crispy. Before putting starting to cook the risotto, I pre heat the oven to 250°C and lay the bacon; 3 rashers per person, (it must be streaky for this to work),  on a cooling rack on a tray. It’s also important to make sure the rashers don’t over lap, this will stop them crisping and they will just be chewy (not desirable)!

Oven the oven is up to temperature the bacon should take 30 min to crisp up but will need a few minutes out of the oven to crisp up completely, so you will have loads of time to make the risotto. When it’s ready, crumble the bacon and Stilton over the risotto and maybe add some salad leaves in a nod healthy eating!

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