a most unusual tea party

12 Jun

I should have written about this ages ago but the past couple of weeks have been a blur of work and lurgy so the blog has taken a bit a back seat. Now the haze of olbas oil is clearing and I’m no longer fuelled almost entirely by lemsip it’s time to catch up!

The Secluded Tea Party is a twist on the traditional British tea party and part of the ever-growing supper club movement. I met its host, the glamorous  Ms Sue Flay, at a food bloggers conference (more accurately on the tube home afterwards) and was so taken with the idea I’d been longing for an excuse to go. It’s quite a way from Windsor to Cambridgeshire where the Secluded Tea Party is run but an engagement party, sort of down the road (actually further than I thought) gave The Man and I the perfect excuse.

On booking we knew it was going to be a Crafty Tea Party but that actual activity and location were a mystery until a few days before which made the event feel like an exciting adventure. Finally the big reveal came, we would be pottery painting at Crafty Monkey in St Neots (yep quite a way from Windsor). After a long but scenic drive The Man and I arrived, not quite sure what to expect, but were made to feel extremely welcome by Ms Flay and Chrissy the enthusiastic owner of Crafty Monkey. After introductions and a quick run through of techniques we were off, decorating our own tea cups and saucers.

A blank canvas.

The painting was a great icebreaker, getting everyone talking and laughing and was incredibly absorbing and whilst I’m sure we were all really looking forward to the gorgeous spread which was waiting for us we had to be actively encouraged to down brushes and get stuck in.

Can you see the concentration?

Sue had laid out an impressive spread of finger sandwiches, some with a gorgeous garlic jam which I must try making, onion and creme fraiche swirls, beautifully light scones with jam and cream, a stunning carrot cake and some seriously indulgent oreo truffles. All washed down with a selection of delicious teas from Tea Box, my favourite was whisky and ginger; and all served on beautiful vintage china.

Light and fluffy scones

amazing oreo truffles

china envy!

the nearly finished article

After tea we drifted between finish our painting and grazing on the lovely food, chatting together happily as we did.

The whole afternoon was perfectly pitched, relaxed, friendly and fun and run by a wonderful host who is also a very talented baker. The Secluded Tea Party re invents itself in new venue and has some exciting events coming up including a very intriguing Zombie Tea Party, I’d definitely recommend going to one of Ms Sue Flays events for fun and fabulous food, the truffles alone were worth the journey!


4 Responses to “a most unusual tea party”

  1. mycraftymonkey June 12, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    I know I’m a bit biased but what a lovely write up! It was a great event and the tea party was scrumptious. I am still lingering on the taste of the oreo truffles! I would definately recommend you to go to at least one of Miss Sue Flays Secluded Tea Parties!

    So glad you enjoyed the pottery painting. Most adults who come to pottery painting parties at Crafty Monkey are always very hesitant but after can’t believe how enjoyable and relaxing it is.

  2. bakingteacher June 12, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    This sounds lovely and makes me even more excited by the Zombie Tea Party I will be going to with Miss Sue Flay! I wonder if I can beg for oreo truffles, they sound scrummy…. 🙂

    • thehungrysparrow June 12, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

      They were lush, a quick Google returns a lot of recipies, they are all VERY bad for you but sound great. Zombie Tea sound awesome, wish we didn’t live so far away.

  3. bakingteacher June 12, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    I think I will have to be brave and try and make my own! Yes it is a shame you are so far away! I come from Berks and travel back to see family so know what the distance is like!

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