spring pavlova

21 Apr

I’ve always admired pavlovas as a pudding, they look gorgeous, huge billowy meringues, topped with lashings of cream and fruit, but have always been scared of making meringue myself. However, having been inspired by the brilliant Supper Club by Kerstin Rodgers’ and been asked to bring a pudding to a friends barbecue I decided to have a go.

I will confess now I didn’t make the meringue from scratch I used a packet of Pavlova Magic that had been kicking around in our cupboards for ages. In hindsight next time I will just make pavlova from scratch, given the time it takes to whisk everything together I wasn’t convinced it saved that much time or that the results were that much better (not that it was bad). I started cooking quite late so left the meringue to cool in the oven over night and topped it the following day with a carton of double cream whipped until firm and topped with mixed berries, our own stewed rhubarb, and Sea Salted Caramel from Supper Club.

It went down really well, but pavlova usually looks beautiful, and it tasted pretty good too. There was a bit too much soft meringue in the middle for my taste, but that doesn’t mean I had any problem eating a lot of it. Next time though I promise I will fight my fear and actually make one from scratch! Honest.


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