geitost round two

3 Apr

This is only a partly formed recipe, no measurements as yet, but I wanted to post it as a thank you to Johannes who encouraged me to give geitost another chance.  You can read the discussion here but is seems I underestimated its uses. As we had a lot of the ingredients Johannes mentioned and a lot of cheese left I had a go at putting something together.

I part cooked some venison sausages in a frying pan them put in the oven to continue cooking and then in the same pan gently cooked some mushrooms. When these were part cooked I de glazed the pan with stock, (but white wine or cider would also work really well) and allowed everything to simmer of a bit (not very specific I know) until the sausages were cooked. Just before serving I stirred in the grated cheese, some spinach, cooked squash (I’d had to defrost the freezer earlier in the day) and a tablespoon of creme fraiche.

As well as being a massive amount of food for two people, (probably because I busked the recipe), it was incredibly tasty. The sweetness of the cheese worked with the sweetness of the squash and whilst the sauce did have a lactic tang it didn’t seem out-of-place and if anything it helped cut through the richness of the sausages. The mushrooms and stock also added a deeply savoury flavour and a good punch of umami along with the cheese. It was very filling, a real winter warmer, and really I don’t think it needed the squash, but it needed using up and next time I will pay more attention to the quantity I’m making, but it was a pretty impressive result for something I had written off as not for me. Thanks Johannes!


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