super easy rocky road crispy cakes

30 Mar

Continuing the lazy but delicious theme last week I had a craving for rice krispie cakes, a bit of nostalgic childhood comfort food. The end result was a wee bit different, mixing the marshmallows, nuts and dried fruit of rocky road with the lightness and crunch of krispie cakes.


200g dark chocolate broken into pieces ( milk if prefered)

60g unsalted butter diced

3 tbsp golden syrup

100g mini marshmallows

50g mixed dried fruit

50g walnut pieces

120g of rice krispies


In the microwave, or over a pan of simmering water melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup being careful not to overheat and burn. When the mixture is liquid and glossy add the fruit, nuts and half the marshmallows, allow the marsh mallows to melt a little. Put the rice krispies and the rest of the marshmallows into a large mixing bow. Stir in the chocolate mixture until the rice krispies are totally covered. Place in cake cases or a baking tin until cooled and set. If using a baking tin cut into squares when cool.


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