Veggie Haggis Quesedillas

20 Feb

Dinner the night before this was veggie haggis burritos, just as tasty but much harder to photograph reasonably! I like haggis in both its vegetarian and original offaly form but had been left with a veggie haggis hanging around in the fridge (no I’m not sure why either). As it is a hefty combination of pulses, vegetables, nuts and spices it was always going to last for more than one meal and I decided to carry on the mexican theme, and use up some of the tortillas.

This is a slightly un promising combination of black beans, haggis, sweetcorn and grated cheese to make it all stick together. I have to admit its selection which would perhaps do little to change my friends opinion that all food in Scotland in beige (not a view I share), but it was incredibly tasty.

Personally I think it looks much better cooked, I served it with a simple salad and a large amount of Valentina Sauce a current obsession of mine and something I could probably eat with almost anything! definitely fusion food and certainly not beige.


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