A very grown up jelly

7 Feb

I loved jelly as a kid, it was party food so it stood for all that is great about kid’s parties, silly games, far too many e numbers and a whole host of food you wouldn’t normally eat in one go! However, jelly isn’t something I’ve tended to eat since I was about 12! That is until The Man bought a copy of Jelly with Bompas and Parr , self-styled jellymongers as well as creating food experiences like a scratch and sniff cinema they have also championed jelly as a grown up, sophisticated and sometimes down right naughty food stuff.

The book is full of gorgeous photos of their creations a variety of recipes from the straight forward to the highly complex, with some great advice on the technical side  of jelly making. It has been sitting on the shelf for a while and yesterday I had my first play with one of the recipes! The result, a cherry and sloe gin jelly.

I used the cherry jelly recipe as a base but where it recommended a glass of Kirsch I used Sloe Gin. I have to say the process was as easy as the book had assured, the only issue was that there was still a lot of pulp in the finished jelly, rather than being smooth and clear as shown in the book. I sieved it twice, but perhaps too enthusiastically or maybe I need a finer sieve. Despite the aesthetic issue it was an incredible jelly, packed full of flavour and with a satisfying wobble and just fun to look at and at eat. Definitely not one for a kiddies party, but I’ll definitely be trying other recipes. It may not be a serious food stuff but it’s fun and sometimes that’s what I want.

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