Slow Cooked Squid

23 Jan

I really like squid but have been scared of cooking it a home as it is usually cooked very quickly, anything longer than a few minutes and it may as well be shoe leather. Then flicking through The Italian Cookery Course by Katie Caldesi I found a recipe for slow cooked squid. If you cook it long enough the squid relaxes again and becomes gorgeously soft.

For a pretty fancy sounding recipe it was very straight forward, after frying onion, garlic and chilli untill soft, throw in the squid and later white wine and tomatoes, simmer gently for and hour and it’s done and gorgeous. I halved the recipe in the book, but used a whole red chilli rather than half as they were quite mild and I think this gave it the right amount of zing. After an hour on the hob the tomatoes and wine had reduced to a thick sweet sauce, with a nice kick of chilli and soft chunks of squid.

The Man thought it was brilliant and as a straight forward but special dinner I’d definitely cook it again. I’d also recommend The Italian Cookery Course as a wonderful, thorough introduction to Italian cookery. It’s a beast of a book but is a fabulous step by step guide with a mixture of detailed and more straightforward recipes. Importantly, nothing we have cooked from it; so far, has gone wrong!


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