19 Jan

I love a bit of Americana! I’m not kidding, I even own a pair of plastic flamingos; they never made it on to the allotment and are now part of the ummmmm decor, in our flat! There is an American food shop not too far from us and The Man and I paid a visit before Christmas and came away with much more than we intended. I give you…more lazy baking!

Yup those are the ingredients, a box of powder and some chunks of something apple flavoured (it claimed to be apple), 1/4 cup milk and an egg. The mixture smelled as in, synthetic as I had thought, and secretly hoped! The flat reeked of cinnamon and the sort of apple that smells like nothing that has ever grown on a tree. Following the instructions was brilliantly easy; mix every thing together in a bowl, put in muffin tin, bake. 15 minutes later I had 6 gorgeous little, very synthetic smelling cakes.

I love corn bread, (part of the Americana thing), and these were no exception, slightly salty to balance the sweetness and not as synthetic tasting as they smelled. I’m sure they are easy to make from scratch but this mix is so easy and quick its hard to argue.


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