New Year Resolutions

16 Jan

I haven’t posted much about the actual allotment on here yet, but that’s mainly because we haven’t mastered growing much through the winter and thanks to the recent cold snap any thing below ground (parsnips) has been too frozen to dig out, and above ground hungry pigeons have eaten all the cavalo nero.

Whilst the man and I are still working out what to grow this year over the past three years there are a few things which we have resolved not to bother with this year.

  • Radishes; grow brilliantly but turns out neither of us really like them (I had a memory of not really being keen on them and suspect The Man was being too polite to tell me he didn’t like them either).
  • Beetroot; for two years we’ve struggled to get them to grow, then struggled to use them. Cheap to buy either cooked or pickled, and with the latter someone else has dealt with the mess of cooking them.
  • Broccoli; just can’t get it right, always tiny and then eaten by the pigeons!
  • Melons; a bit of a “look at me” thing to try to grow, we’ve only ever really had one worth eating a year, which works out at the same cost as buying on one so probably not worth it really

Still, on a more positive note the rhubarb is starting to grow again; always reassuring when the winter has been so cold so far, and it does still look rather pretty.

I suppose the over all resolution is  to grow things we like and to have more fun with the allotment, it can be difficult to keep on top of things when you can only spend a little time there a week, but we both agree that we love having the space, it’s great for a beer and bbq; and having a reason to get outside in the fresh air. Here’s to 2011!



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